LVD Induction Lights

What are LVD Induction Lights?

LVD Induction Lights are a new generation of energy saving light source which would deliver greater value for your business in the long run, saving your electricity costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Features of LVD Induction Lights:

  • Long Lifespan – 60,000 hours compared to Metal Halide Lights with Sodium Bulbs which last 8,000-10,000 hours
  • High Efficiency – Delivers the same Lux Level using Lower Wattage, saving you $180 in electricity costs per unit per year**
    ** comparison made based on 250W LVD Induction Lights vs. 400W Metal Halide/Sodium Bulb with 58W ballast loss, 10 operating hours a day, 313 days a year , at current tariff of $0.2759/kWh

The above illustration has not even mentioned the costs of the 6 replacement exercises in choosing conventional Metal Halides over LVD Induction!

We have a range of High Bay Lights, Low Bay Lights, Flood Lights and Outdoor Street and Perimeter Lights to cater to all your industrial and commercial needs.

VNA Grinder Pte Ltd is a local agent of LVD Induction Lights that come with a 5 year product warranty, inclusive of labour in the first year.

LVD Induction Lights